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Star Shape Fidget Spinner Retro Hand Spinner Toy

  • Retro and highly anticipated design,best choice for retro fans.
  • High-quality zinc alloy and R188 bearing,higher hardness and more durable.
  • Great toy for having fun, killing time, quitting bad habits and more.
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Product Detail
Materials  Zinc Alloy
Shape Five Arms
Item Weight  60g
Product Dimensions 70*70*13mm
Color Bronze/Copper/Silver/Brass


Hold the fidget spinner in one hand and use the other hand to spin the spinner by applying force. Alternatively, place the fidget spinner on a desk and again apply force to one side to begin spinning. Typically a beginner can achieve spins over a minute but with practice spinner can go on for longer with a single strike.



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  • Really beautiful piece I’m glad to add to my collection.

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