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Original Vikings Valknut Rune Gear Round Fidget Spinner Brass Material

  • Attractive Shape: 100% orginal designed, exquisite craftsmanship and beautifully made, inspired by the Viking alphabet
  • High-performance Bearings: Built-in high-perfrmance bearings, makes it more durable and more smooth, can spin continuously for 4 to 7 minutes
  • Quiet Spinning: Comparing with traditional hand spinners, this one way quieter, when you get it close to the ear, you can hear a slight rustle
  • High Quality Material: Made of high quality bronze, feels rather heavy when you hold it, so that it takes time to slow down when spinning
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Product Detail
Materials  Brass
Bearing 606
Shape Wheel Shape
Product Dimensions 48*48*7.5mm
Item Weight  105g


Hold the fidget spinner in one hand and use the other hand to spin the spinner by applying force. Alternatively, place the fidget spinner on a desk and again apply force to one side to begin spinning. Typically a beginner can achieve spins over a minute but with practice spinner can go on for longer with a single strike.


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11 reviews for Original Vikings Valknut Rune Gear Round Fidget Spinner Brass Material

  • I started buying spinners as I have two special needs children who both have anxiety, adhd, as well as other mental conditions. My other children also loved spinners and various fidgets so now we buy both to play with and to collect. This one looked like one we would collect; however it is really fun to play with too.

  • The spinner works well. It spins easily and smoothly for a pretty long time in a single spin. I brought it to my son’s school today and the kids like this spinner. The weight and the size are nice. Since it is flat, I can put it in my purse and carry it with me anywhere.

  • A very solid and well machined spinner. I found this one to be a great size for my four year old’s hands. Spun for what seemed like forever. It just wouldn’t slow down.

  • It is s smaller spinner which I prefer as I have smaller hands. It is heavy and has awesome detail work within it. I really like this gadget a lot and it spins for quite some time without stopping.

  • Am I really leaving a review for a spinner? It’s a spinner. It spins. It spins really well. In fact much better than most spinners I’ve used. It’s heavy, enough to cause damage(can double as a makeshift ninja star). It’s got girth so it doesn’t feel cheaply made. The designs are pretty cool, it looks like something you’d find in a Indiana Jones movie that unlocks something that does something, but it doesn’t do that. It spins, pretty well and for quite some time. One hack I found is if your spinner is making noise put wd40 on the spinning wheel, and let it rest for some time. Then wipe it off with a tissue put it back together and it will make dramatically less noise.

  • It arrived much earlier than it said it would. Very quiet. The middle isn’t gold though. Anyone know what it says on it?

  • Amazing quality spinner ! Not only is the design so cool with the bullet heads in it, but the bearings are extremely smooth and balanced- spins a long time & is my sons absolute favorite. He recently lost his dad, and they used To shoot guns a lot, I wanted him to have something to carry with him as a reminder and this was perfect !

  • It spins easily and smoothly for a pretty long time in a single spin.The weight and the size are nice.And i can put in to my pocket bring to every where.When spin and round no sound and very quite also spin around 3-4min.Nice package delivery on time.Good quality and good price.

  • Couldn’t have been happier! Most balanced metal spinner I have! Nice long spin, great weight, would buy again!!

  • Great looking piece, good quality, while trying to translate the runes, the only Nordic alphabet that fits this isn’t actually Nordic, it was Tolkien’s Dwarvish from LOTR
    Fantastic job with the detail though

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